Our solutions for a storage adapted to every need

CargoPort, the airfreight platform for professionals, provides you with the infrastructure to optimize the transport of goods.

Pharmaceutical freight and temperature-controlled storage of heat-sensitive products, air freight for horses, specific services for charter flights or warehousing... The CargoPort community provides you with the infrastructures and resources you need to develop your cargo business.

Infrastructures are regularly mapped to check consistency and quality of cold products. Tracking and recording of temperatures in the various storage facilities are systematic. Lyon Airport has 405m2 of specialized storage units.

A platform dedicated to quality at the service of your health products

Platform partners and Lyon Airport teams have infrastructures for low or controlled temperature storage, necessary for the transport of sensitive products. They apply specific processes to handle:

  • health products (pharmaceuticals, diagnostic medical devices),
  • perishable food items,
  • electronic products.
Cargoport Sensitive

The reference in logistics solutions

Lyon Airport has established itself as the reference in terms of storageof pharmaceutical products in Europe. 

Our dedicated warehouses enable us to store and preserve all the products in appropriate conditions before their loading onto planes.

The transport of medicines and other pharmaceutical products enables us to respond to medical emergencies in Europe as quickly as possible, thanks to services available 24/7. Our capacity to adjust to the specific requirements of pharmaceutical products has enabled us to join the Pharma Logistics Club (PLC), an organisation gathering all

health logistics professionals involved in the management of healthcare products. Respect for ethics, compliance with current legislation and communication are the foundations on which our freight platform operates

Inspection Cargoport

Pharmaceutical products

IATA CEIV-PHARMA certified, CargoPort has been a member of the Pharma Logistics Club since its creation.

CargoPort has initiated a process of compliance upgrade with the EU Good Distribution Practices (GDP) for its infrastructure, processes and teams. 

The main goal is to guarantee a continuity in the quality given to the treatment of your health products at Lyon Airport.

Good Distribution Practice

Compliance of facilities, processes and teams

IATA CEIV-PHARMA Certification

Certification by the International Air Transport Association

Specialised storage

The reference site for the storage of healthcare and temperature-sensitive products

The dynamic of the pharmaceutical sector in Lyon and its surroundings

1st vaccine production center in the world

1st healthcare cluster in France

600 companies in the health field

Import freight subjected to veterinary and phytosanitary controls

CargoPort has a Border Inspection Post (BIP) and a Common Entry Point (CEP), both accredited by the European Union. They enable the handling of freight from non-EU countries that require veterinary and/or phytosanitaryinspections:

● Temperature-controlled rooms (+2°C, +8°C)
● Freezer (-20°C)
● Ambient temperature storage

We provide a storage warehouse for the handling of goods, and our teams are trained to current standards.

Exported or imported goods not subjected to veterinary inspection

We also provide access to temperature-controlled storage facilities that do not require veterinary oversight, ensuring your products are stored under optimal conditions. Among the options available, you will find:

● refrigerated temperatures from +2°C to +8°C,
● a freezing environment at -20°C,
● controlled temperature conditions ranging between +15°C and +25°C.


About Tailor-made solutions

Why choose for the CargoPort platform at Lyon Airport for the transportation of pharmaceutical products?

Lyon Airport is equipped with specialised warehouses designed to store a variety of pharmaceutical products under ideal conditions. We offer cold storage solutions, both negative and positive, to meet the specific requirements of your pharmaceutical products, ensuring their transportation in the best possible conditions.

The IATA CEIV-PHARMA certification and our membership in the Pharma Logistics Club garentee a high-level of expertise and adherence to the strictest standards in order to preserve the integrity of your health products.

What types of health and temperature-sensitive products can be transported and stored at the platform?

A wide range of health products can be stored and transported through the services provided by the Lyon Airport platform and its partners. Those are at your disposal for the air transportation of pharmaceutical products and medical devices from or to France and the European Union, including medicines, vaccines, among others.

We also offer logistical solutions adapted to your temperature-sensitive products, whether or not they are subject to sanitary control. The platform features specialised storage units for perishable food items and electronic products.

Is it possible to directly approach CargoPort for shipping my medical items?

CargoPort platform has facilities, resources, expertise and certifications essential for the transport of your medical items. Should you meet regular or punctual needs for the shipment of high-volume health products, you’re welcome to contact the CargoPort team. They will put you in touch with one of our specialised partners operating on their platform