Our Equine Infrastructure

Professionals can rely on CargoPort services for horse transportation

CargoPort offers a dedicated equine service with a veterinary centre available 24/7.

The benefits of air freight with CARGOPORT


A Border Inspection Post located on-site controls equines entering the European Union, ensuring effective management


Complete solutions coordinated by partners of the CargoPort community enable a rapid control of the horses in order to transfer them to the next mode of transportation, thereby improving their well-being

Peace of Mind

We have established a seamless process to ensure efficient and stress-free horse transshipment

Our equine air transport service stands out thanks to its four essential foundations


A maximised accessibility

○ Our platform remains accessible night and day, all week long

○ We have a transit zone in a public area to facilitate the switch from one mode of transport to another with streamlined procedures

○ A large space is available for manoeuvring heavy goods vehicles


Hygiene and protection

○ Cleaning of the vehicle is possible

○ Access ramp are at disposal for the transhipment of horses between trucks and stalls, as well as for their unloading

○ A veterinarian is always present on-site

○ Collaboration with a renowned equine veterinary clinic, open 24/7


Offer and Services

○ We offer 12 stalls measuring 3m x 3m each

○ An ergonomic platform

○ Lodgings before or after the flight at immediate proximity (20 minutes via highway)

○ The stalls are located a short distance away from the aircraft parking areas (less than 300 metres between horse facilities and the aircraft)



Streamlined procedures

○ On-site customs

○ EU certified Border Inspection Post (BIP)

○ Road access inspection post (PARIF)

An unique expertise for your horses' well-being

CargoPort platform provides professionals of equine air transportation with the necessary infrastructures for the transfer and transhipment of horses.

Expertise of the community ensures quality transportations in compliance with European and French regulation. We do our best to ensure the well-being and the security of the horses which travel through our Lyon Airport CargoPort hub.

About Equine infrastructure

What advantages does CargoPort's equine transport service offer?

Our service stands out for its efficiency, ease of use, speed, and serenity. We have all the necessary facilities to ensure a safe journey and boarding for your horses. Thanks to our dedicated Border Inspection Post (BIP), we can welcome horses at any time, in an environment specifically designed for them.

How can I arrange air transport for my horses with CargoPort?

CargoPort platform puts at your disposal infrastructures and resources that insure transport, accommodation and transhipment of horses in the best conditions in terms of security and comfort. We work with experts in equine air transport.

Should you regularly organise horse transportation to or from France, we have the capacity to put you in relation with partners of the CargoPort community.

Do you represent a company which specialises in air transport of horses? Our sales team is here to show you infrastructures, resources and services proposed by the community and support your air transport initiatives to and from Lyon Airport (LYS).