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Our expertise for pharmaceutical freight

Pharmaceutical activity at LYS


Bringing into conformity of infrastructures, processes and teams


EU certification project

Cool Hub project

To establish LYS as a reference site

Cargoport, a platform committed to quality

Cargoport launched procedures to ensure compliance with EU-GDP (Good Distribution Practices) for:

  • Its infrastructures
  • Its processes
  • Its teams

The challenge is to guarantee consistent quality when processing your health products at LYS

cargoport intends to pursue its approach with the launch of IATA-CEIV certification with a mixed community of freight operators, shippers, customs and the airport.

Cargoport has been a member of the Pharma Logistics Club since its creation. We have also created a working group with the AFIPRAL supply chain committee in order to involve shippers in the development of our pharmaceutical strategy.

A reliable solution to your health and quality requirements

Food warehouse equipment

A reliable solution to your health and quality requirements

Cargoport Sensitive pays careful attention to the mandatory requirements associated with the development of temperature-sensitive products:

  • Health products
  • Perishable food products
  • Electronic products

All the cold infrastructures developed by cargoport Sensitive are mapped regularly in order to ensure high consistency and quality of the cold produced. Temperatures in the different storage facilities are systematically tracked and recorded.

The reference for demanding logistics solutions

Pharmaceutical warehouses

The reference for demanding logistics solutions

Cargoport Sensitive meets market needs by offering solutions adapted to the demanding logistics requirements of temperature-sensitive products, with 405 m² of specialist storage units:

  • 300 m² positive cold capacity at +2°C/+8°C
  • 15 m² negative cold capacity at -20°C
  • 90 m² air-conditioned capacity at +15°C/+25°C

Cool Hub, a future-oriented project

Cargoport will continue its approach with the launch of its Cool Hub development project.

This is the name for the new low-temperature controlled infrastructures managed by LYS, for the handling of temperature-sensitive freight such as health products and perishables food items (at 3 temperature levels: -22°C, 2/8°C and 15/25°C). Its location at the site will be optimised to guarantee maximum accessibility for incoming trucks and outgoing freight.

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