Flexible operating hours

2 runways

One measuring 4,000 m

Available around the clock

Complete peace of mind

All types of aircraft

Except the noisiest aircrafts as listed in chapter III

Find the perfect cargo partner
for your flight


Aviapartner manages the majority of scheduled and charter cargo flights at the site
Handling of daily express flights at the site
Availability of equipment as required: tractor, bars, loaders, dollies, push etc
Possible presence H24
Option to book hotels for crew and transfer shuttle service

3 companies present at CARGOPORT site
WFS / France Handling
France Cargo Handling

Management of truck loading/unloading services, freight security, runway transfers, palletising/depalletising, storage, etc.

Possible presence H24

SASCA is the only fuelling partner at the CARGOPORT site
Round-the-clock availability

2 companies present at the on site:
Lyon Air Traiteur

Customs is open from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays
Presence outside of these hours is possible at a cost to be specified by the department
Link on sheet

Option for trucks (wide loads) and lifting equipment to access the runway for specific operations
At your request, Lyon Airport manages formalities and sources crane service providers

Any type of aircraft accepted except
chapter III aircraft

Only the noisiest aircrafts as listed in chapter III, equipped with turbojet engines, are subject to operational restrictions:

No take-off between 10 pm and 6 am local time
No landing between 10.15 pm and 6.15 am local time

This notably concerns:

  • AN124 aircraft
  • B747-200 aircraft
  • Several 737 aircraft

Aircraft equipped with turboprop engines are not affected by this restriction. AN12 and AN22 aircrafts are not subject to any operating restrictions. For confirmation, please contact us with the aircraft registration number/type.
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