Express Freight

Global integrators associated with Cargoport to overcome the challenges of interoperability

An interoperability service hub

Daily flights

To European hubs

Aircraft parking aprons

Specially reserved for express freight

Open 24/7, 365 days a year

For peace of mind and guaranteed service

DHL Express, main integrator of the in Cargoport site

DHL Logo

DHL develops the following functionalities at LYS: air gateway, local distribution agency, road sub-hub, and more.

  • Almost 6,000 m² of operational space
  • A300-600, B757, B767 and B737 type aircraft
  • Nearly 30 European road links

UPS, a business dedicated to the gateway

UPS Logo

UPS operates a gateway at LYS directly linked to its Jonage site (10 km from the airport)

  • 1,500 m² of operational space devoted entirely to its gateway business at LYS
  • Aircraft used: B767 and B737
  • UPS organises road links between Cargoport and its nearest operational base

FEDEX/TNT, performance focused on road accessibility


FEDEX/TNT does not yet have operational space at the Cargoport site and makes use of the site’s excellent road access to:

  • Provide truck deliveries from the Corbas operational base.
  • Supply aircraft landing twice daily at Lyon.
  • Aircraft used: B737 and ATR 72.

A future-oriented growth

DHL Express, UPS and FEDEX/TNT are planning in the short term to develop real estate at the Cargoport site in order to ensure long-term presence at the site and support their growth.

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